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Stress Fix™ Concentrate

  • $29.49

Portable rollerball concentrate with an aroma proven to reduce feelings of stress, can be applied anywhere, anytime.

Reach for this rollerball whenever life gets stressful. The aroma proven to reduce feelings of stress includes essences of lavender, lavandin and clary sage from organic farms and is formulated using the science of aromaologyTM and the power of pure essential oils.

Glide rollerball over pulse points and enjoy aroma any time you'd like to reduce feelings of stress.

stress-fixtm concentrate comes in a portable rollerball — perfect to carry with you for Ayurvedic rituals to reduce stress anytime, anywhere.

Apply concentrate to the insides of your wrists, hold over your nose and take a deep breath.
Massage concentrate onto the occipital area at the top of your neck using circular motions.
Release shoulder tension by rolling concentrate onto your upper shoulders with a press-release motion. Shrug your shoulders to your ears, hold, and then let them drop. Repeat as desired.