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Massage therapy

 Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a dynamic massage technique that aims to eliminate tension and strengthen muscles and joints. Its toning and relaxing effect promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, the elimination of toxins and helps the body to regain its natural balance. Its purpose is to provide great muscular relaxation and thus facilitate the range of motion.

Swedish massage helps to relax and unwind both body and mind. Particularly soothing, it is appreciated for its ability to reduce the effects of stress on the body. This technique can be practiced for both therapeutic and relaxation purposes. The therapist will adapt the rhythm and depth of the maneuvers according to the needs of the person being massaged. 


 Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage therapy is a safe and adapted approach.

We work on a massage table, using special cushions for pregnant women so that mom can lie flat on her stomach without danger for baby or discomfort for herself.
You can also opt for the side position (lying on your side) on the massage table, comfortably installed in the cushions designed especially for you.


Thai Oil Massage

Also known as Nuad Naman, Thai oil massage is an energetic approach that is practiced on a table. Originating in Thailand but inspired by Ayurveda (India), it is softer than traditional Thai massage.
It is a dynamic technique that integrates pressure, smoothing and gentle stretching.
This massage allows energy to circulate in order to promote re-harmonization while relieving physical and mental tensions. It is recommended against chronic stress and nervous exhaustion. It allows you to let go and restore full vitality.



You cannot get a massage if you have a fever or a virus. Please note that it is important to respect a 48-hour delay after a vaccination to receive a massage (the vaccination may cause flu-like symptoms during this 48-hour period). These measures are taken to ensure your safety and to provide you with greater comfort during your massage.