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Our story

  • May 22, 1990: The hairdressing salon was born. Yan and Ghyslain Chabot, two hairstylist twins, enter the business world and into the building at 3613 boulevard St-Laurent where it all began.
  • June 1997: Tonic becomes an Aveda concept salon, the first of its kind in Quebec.
  • August 1999: The Spa Tonic, a beloved project, is built on the 3rd floor, to which the Tonic Salon - Academy will be added the same year.
  • 2008-2009: The merger between Collega-Aveda International and Tonic takes place. The excellent business relationships that the two groups have maintained over the years have created expansion. Two new Tonic salons are opening on rue St-Denis and on avenue Mt-Royal. Almost at the same time the Tonic on boulevard St-Laurent becomes the "Concept Art de vivre Aveda Salon Spa & Académie" and Aveda's head office for Quebec takes its place in the neighboring building.
  • July 2018: The distributor Collega - Aveda decides to sell the company to Yan Chabot, the co-founder and creator of Tonic.
  • Summer 2020 : After nearly 3 months of closure due to a pandemic, the Tonic Salon Spa Aveda reopens its doors with Ghyslain Chabot, its co-founder, who is joining the team again. Since then, the whole team has carried out together the renewed mission: to offer with heart a "well-being experience of personal care services and advice, while creating" happiness and collective wealth!