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Relaxing Treatment

This body treatment is the perfect get-away when you want to escape the daily grind. It includes the application of a cream mixed with hot oil, scented according to your preference, applied by a beautician via relaxation massage maneuvers.  A scalp massage and hot stones are also on the agenda!

Available in 60 or 90 minutes, the 90-minute treatment includes more massage maneuvers as well as reflexology of the feet.

This service is offered by Hanaa who speaks French and Arabic.
No insurance receipt is given.


CHAKRA™ Balancing Treatment*


The Chakra™ Balancing treatment is an innovative treatment that focuses on the body's 7 energy centers (chakras). The treatment features the Aveda Chakra™ Balancing blends with massage techniques, reflexology, visualization and guided meditation. Benefits include stress relief, reduced muscular tension and increased energy. (90 minutes) *Available in French only. Ask your service provider if this has changed.